Rafa has been interviewed in the Mail today, and he talks today about his being frustrated at the way things have gone for Newcastle in the summer transfer window – not well.

And we seem to have missed out on most of our top targets for one reason or another.

But Rafa has also said why he is still at Newcastle, and he puts it down to the loyalty (love and admiration et) shown to him by both the Newcastle players and the fans alike.

Rafa has said before in his career that he loves being at a club where he is loved by the fans.

That happened at Liverpool when he was there for six years, and it’s occurring at Newcastle now – where he’s been for a short 18 months.

The fans just love this man because he’s football daft just like the rest of us!

Before our foray back into the Premier League this afternoon against Spurs, Rafa has given a good and positive interview where he talks about the great City of Newcastle and the legendary Geordie fans.

But the upper management at the club has to support Rafa more than they have done this summer; otherwise, he could walk next year although we don’t expect that to happen.

This is what Rafa has said in the Mail today:

We were not demanding crazy things.”

“We were demanding to do things in the right way like we did with Liverpool, with Chelsea and all the other clubs I have managed.”

“With a professional staff all working together.”

“This summer I was expecting other things, but OK we don’t have those things, so now we have to move forward and I will do my best.”

“Am I happy with what was going on in the summer? No, I think that we can improve and we can compete and do the right things.’”

“What we have at Newcastle, which is different to other Premier League clubs, is the city.”

“We have a city behind us – 52,000 every game, a good stadium and everybody is there.”

“But what we could do, to save some money, we didn’t do it and now we are in a worse position.”

“But still, I have confidence that we can compete.”

“One thing we have and which I said last year and in the end I was right: we will compete until the end.’”

“I had two or three players, who came here because of me, they wanted to come here because of me and I couldn’t let them down.”

“As you know, my family is in England and I decided to come to a massive club with potential.”



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