Should we be shocked that Newcastle didn’t bring in a single player in the last days of the transfer window?

The answer is no. Should we be shocked to read everywhere in the press that Benitez will be interested with the West Ham job in the coming days ? Again no.

Mike Ashley treats Newcastle Utd like a Retail Business. No one should be shocked about it. Thats the guy.. That the only way he knows and that the only way he will always act.

So how to change things? How to stop being a club that just battles relegation season after season?

How can you make a man who is only interested in money to change? Simple…just talk LIKE HIM. Talk about money or if you prefer tell him he is going to lose money.

I do think, Newcastle fans should give a signal to the Big Guy. Time to tell him… if we lose ”Benitez” …you’ll lose your money.

Mike Ashley
Mike Ashley

How to do it? …simple..If Benitez walks away. You stop coming to the stadium. Show an empty St James Park on Tv. Tell the guy, you used to get more than 50,000 people coming to the stadium. You wont have a penny now.You dont want to invest…We dont want to come week-end after week-end to watch a losing team.

Fans should tell Mr Mike Ashley… We also we made mistakes. And one of them…was to trust you wanted the club to be something else than a retail business.

Lose Benitez… and you’ll lose all that matters to you…YOUR MONEY…

Big John

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